So you want to add an addition to your home or want to renovate within your existing home foot print. The need for more room and space is at hand whether your family is increasing or you feel you just simply want more space PLP Design can help you design the right addition or renovation for your needs.

As always there are a few things to consider when looking at a home renovation or home addition.

1) does the project make sense? You need to consider your commitment to the home. I always ask my clients “what is your commitment to this home?” Is it less than 5 years or more than 5 years?

If it is less than 5 years then look at doing renovations in your home that will increase the value of your home but not over value it for your area. Kitchen upgrades, a basement development or a small addition for that new child would all fit into this.

However if your commitment is more than 5 years then you can consider going larger with the addition and more extensive renovations that in the first 5 years may increase the value of your home more than your area allows but after 5 years everyone else in the neighbor hood starts to catch up to your homes value. I have done beautiful additions where the clients added a complete second floor to their home that over valued the home for the area, but they were committed to the area and did not want to move, so it made sense.

2) Is the renovation or addition adaptable? Can the space you are redoing be used for a different purpose in 5 years or not. Can this office be used as a bedroom? etc. Consider multiple uses for the space in the initial designing phases, for office spaces make sure the windows will meet bedroom specs and there is a closet space etc. Ensure proper wiring and plumbing is in place before hand for future laundry rooms or offices.


– Always work with or hire qualified and certified trades to work on your home renovation. Even the framer needs to be certified, there are too many contractors out there that simply buy a tool belt a fancy truck and call them selves qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof

– Get a minimum of 3 quotes from different contractors.

– if you are hands off, visit and question the general contractor daily, he will hate it but it will keep them honest. Just be careful not to become a pest.

– if you are doing it yourself (DIY) remember there are ALWAYS jobs to leave to the professionals, plumbing and electrical are 2 areas to leave alone. It will cost more to have them come in a redo it than if they just do it the first time

What do you need to get started.

  PLP design will require some information from you to start. First off we will need to visit your site during the day to take accurate measurements and pictures of the existing home. It is hard to get good measurements and pictures at night.

  If you are doing an addition we will require a RPR (real property report) so we can add the addition to the site plan for permits at the City. We will need to show the building inspectors what is being added and how it affects your lot. This is not required for a interior renovation only additions.

Contact us today to get started!