Can the City of Calgary halt the progress of our project once the development permit and building permit drawings have been issued?

Yes the city of Calgary has the right to put a stop work order on your project. The big reason they could put a stop work order on your property is if your contractor is operating a “unsafe” work site. All barricade fences must be in place and all required safety gear must be worn etc. The city should give the site manager a warning first and then revisit the site in a few days to see if it has been brought up to standards. The second reason they may stop you is if you are building something that is not approved. If you designed a 12 x 14 addition and had permits for that addition, but you decided to make it 14 x 16 as you were building. In this case the city could stop you and make you go through the permit process again with new drawings or they make you stop and resubmit new drawings with out the process. So be careful, plan you project carefully.

Do you apply for permits for us?
Yes PLP Design and drafting will apply on your behalf to the City of Calgary for Building and Development permits.

Click Here for theĀ City of Calgary Development and Building Approvals Department

How do you charge for house plans?

On new home construction we charge mainly by the sq.ft. area of your home. We generally do not charge for garage space or for basement space unless the basement is developed. We charge by the hour for any Site plans that you may require and for revisions once the design phase has been complete.

For commercial projects we will give you a quote based on the project scope. This can be or not be a fixed cost depending on circumstances.

For addition and renovations we charge by the hour.

How long does the design process take?

The design process can vary depending on how large or complicated the project is and how busy we are at the time. For most residential house plans you can expect a week or so for design sketches and then depending on revisions the working drawings can take another 1-2 weeks. Ask us when you contact us, certain times of the year are different than others.

Do we Own our house plan when you are done?

We do not copyright any of our “custom home plans”. I believe that a custom plan is the home owners, I do ask however that I am able to use the plan I design for you for marketing or other purposes.

How many copies of the plans do we get?

We usually give our clients one original copy that they can take and get as many copies of the home plans that they want. Or we can give you 5-6 sets of plans however there may be an extra fee for this.

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