Things to consider when you are thinking of building your new home.

When you start to think of your new home and getting started on the design process there are a few thing to think about and preplan.

First off you want to consider your family, how large you are going to make your family. Do you have children running around everywhere, is so then consider a larger family / rec room. Large bedrooms for boys are a waste of space as boys tend to only be there to sleep, girls however need larger rooms for all of the dress up parties etc.

Do you entertain a lot or very little? If you entertain quite a bit then maybe consider larger dining and kitchen areas and a sitting / visiting room. If you entertain only occasionally then the dining area may not be needed where a nook would be better.

Budget is a big factor to consider. Many people will design out of their means. I like to get a budget number up front from clients if they know already. If not we can design for all of your needs and wishes in a preliminary sketch, you then get that budget priced by a builder and we adjust the plan accordingly. Do not become house poor.

Lifestyle needs to be a consideration; do you need a large garage and storage areas for all of your skis, boats and motor bikes. Or maybe you have that antique car to store. Make a list! You will be surprised at how little storage most clients want in their homes only to comment later after the house is built that they should have added more storage.

With health care costs for seniors rising consider whether mom or dad may need to come for an extended visit. If so develop the lower level accordingly with proper access from outside, large hallways and a large bathroom.

Kitchens, A large walled in pantry will really reduce the amount of cabinet storage you will need. Kitchen cabinets are very expensive and money can be saved with a properly design pantry that will more than look after your kitchen storage needs.

If you are thinking of a cabin plan on a lake lot, consider your activities. Storage for sports equipment may be more important and indoor entertaining less important.

These are just a few tips and things to consider.