What is a Panelized Home Package?

What is a Wall Panel?

A panelized home is a pre-engineered pre-built structure. The exterior and interior walls of the home are pre-built in a controlled environment into sections of wall called a Wall Panel, Wall Panels come in various Lengths, Framers are not be affected by weather as much because all of the walls are built indoors in a manufacturing plant.

A panelized homes should not be confused with modular or mobile homes. Panelization should best be understood as one step above stick framing. Modular building is a process of constructing the entire home in a plant ready to move on site and move in. There are restrictions with this type of home in size of home that can be moved, most modular homes are bungalows as well for the same reason. Shipping costs for a modular home is very expensive where as shipping costs for a panelized package are the same as it would be to ship any other product we use on a daily basis across the country


A panelized home is a pre-engineered pre-built structure. The exterior and interior walls of the home are pre-built in a controlled environment, the craftspeople will not be affected by weather, lack of materials at hand, unexpected costs or other obstacles that arise whenever one is building a house on site.

A wall panel is a pre fabricated section of a complete wall. Wall panels are built in a production plant in various lengths usually no longer than 14′-0″ depending on the facility and weighing no more than a couple of hundred pounds. Wall panels are easily set in place by 2-3 people.

Panelized home manufacturers pre-build all of the exterior/interior ‘panels’ in a controlled environment and send them to a site ready to be assembled. The packages also come complete with floor and roof systems, doors and windows, shingles and siding so that your building project is erected quickly to beat the elements and get you ‘locked up’ or ‘dried in’ faster than conventional framing.

Once the ‘shell’ of the home is put up, subcontractors can then move in to finish the interior work, such as: electrical, plumbing, heating, drywall, cabinets etc. Panelized homes are classified as a stick framed home and can therefore be built in most of the same locations and hard to reach areas and are very suitable for the do-it-yourseflers or owner builders that want to build their home on the weekends on while on vacation.

PLP DESIGN has many years experience in designing homes for a panelized system utilizing both SIP panels and open Panels as well as factory drawings for production purposes.

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Benefits to Prefab Homes include:

  • Indoor protected production in our factory away from the elements
    • Dryer lumber results in less warping, twisting, rotting and swelling.
  • Dramatically reduces on site waste
  • Cost Savings
    • Less labour required to erect the home.
    • Shorter construction time period
    • Shorter building time = less borrowing costs
  • Quality
    • All Components are manufactured to strict building codes
    • Quality control and inspections
    • Member of the Western Wood Truss Association
  • Prefab Home Kits are:
    • Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer
    • Government and Municipally accepted
      • Most municipal and regional building authorities readily accept pre-fab as an acceptable method of construction
    • Equity Generating.
      • If you can build your own package/kit you save major labour costs resulting in higher equity of your home on completion